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Hosted by George Miller, Author of Catholic Lector from
the Inside-Out , Uncommon Lector and God Is My CFO

Lector Resources

​​   Proclaiming God's Word for Greater Effect     

Videos... Quality lector training and enrichment for viewing, listening and worship

 Religious Educator Alice Camille offers a rich perspective for lectors
in The Power of Words. View more of her work at
 Fr. James Martin explains how Lectio Divina can help lectors and worshipers have a richer experience praying with the Scriptures. Follow him on Facebook.
 A top-quality 90-minute presentation on the Ministry of Lector by the Archdiocese of New York .  Ideal for both personal and group training. 
 An brief but uplifting talk about public Scripture reading by Lutheran pastor Mark Hellman, with an excellent demonstration of how it's done.
 Long-time Catholic lector and media expert Dann Hurlbert offers succinct
​step-by-step ways to be a more engaging lector. Follow Dann on
 Here's the perfect song of praise and worship for the prayerful parts of lectors meetings or retreats: by the renowned group, Mercy Me