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Hosted by George Miller, ​​Author of Catholic Lector 
from the Inside-Out  and The Uncommon Lector

​​   Proclaiming God's Word for Greater Effect     

Videos... for viewing, listening and worship

 Fr. James Martin explains how Lectio Divina can help lectors and
​worshipers have a richer experience praying with the Scriptures.

 Deacon George Fournier presents Sunday and daily readings
in a conversational manner without being overly dramatic   

 A top-quality 90-minute presentation on the Ministry of Lector by the Archdiocese of New York .  Ideal for both personal and group training. 
 An brief but uplifting talk about public Scripture reading by Lutheran pastor Mark Hellman, with an excellent demonstration of how it's done.
 Long-time Catholic lector and media expert Dann Hurlbert offers succinct
​step-by-step ways to be a more engaging lector. Follow Dann on
In these two videos, Christine Burkett offers beautiful Insights on the ministry of public Scripture reading  
 Here's the perfect song of praise and worship for the prayerful parts of lectors meetings or retreats: by the renowned group, Mercy Me  
Amy Grant sings "Thy Word" 
 Religious Educator Alice Camille offers a rich perspective for lectors
in The Power of Words. View more of her work at
Word of God Speak with Lyrics