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The Lector At Mass: 
The Catholic Bishops' site on general principals of the ministry and basic functions of the lector. A sound foundation in which to begin lector training.
Lectors: Proclaiming the Word: 
A timeless list of dos and don'ts by Karen Sue Smith, former Editorial Director of America National Catholic Review.

The Ministry of the Lector: 
From America, the National Catholic Weekly. Jim Schellman of the North American Forum on the Catechumenate gives a powerful explanation of the Sacramental presence and power of the Scriptures at Mass, and the importance of identifying ourselves with our readings. 

The Effective Lector: 
An informative piece by Edward Horodko, a professional voice actor and lector workshop teacher/leader. Trial subscription required to access.

How to Proclaim the Word of the Lord: 
Interesting piece by covering many details on procedures not always seen in parish and diocesan guidelines.

Everything I Know About Being a Lector I Learned in Third Grade:
Interesting perspective by Russell E. Saltzman on the importance of reading the Scriptures to your listeners as a grade school teacher might read a story to her class, instead of performing to them in rhetorical style. 

Reflections on the Art of Lectoring: 
Written by music professor Allen Brings about the Mass bearing some similarities to theatre. Though a lector's responsibilities are not comparable in scope to a priest's, preparation for the service should be no less rigorous.

The State of the Art of Reading Aloud
A Veteran Listener's Frank Appraisal and Disclosure of Key Tips for Solo Readers; by Matthew-Daniel Stremba

The Ministry of Lector In the Catholic Church
An informative, well written piece on important basics of serving.

First rule for lectors: Remember that you’re not a public speaker
By Russell E Saltzman, a former Lutheran pastor transitioned to the Roman Catholic Church, cautioning lectors that that their calling is not to be public speakers, but public readers… and there’s a huge difference.

Eye Contact for Lectors and the Assembly: Two Lessons Never Taught 
An interesting perspective on the dos and don'ts of making eye contact with the assembly. Also see our post, Eye Contact: Natural Is Best.

Public Reading of Scripture as Worship
A case made by Baptist Pastor Josh Buice on the importance of public scripture reading in non-catholic worship services, with references to the Catholic church as a model. 

 Vatican City, Jan 31, 2018 / 05:36 am (CNA/EWTN News).- On Wednesday, Pope Francis spoke about the importance of the Liturgy of the Word, and the importance of having lectors who can proclaim the readings and the Responsorial Psalm well. View the Pope's video Here .

Spiritual Reflections on the Ministry of Reader/Lector  
...from the blog, A Quiet Moment: a Catholic Byte a Day. 

A Few Good Lectors Are Not Enough:  
Featured in Catholic Exchange in April, 2012. Written by George Miller to stress to lectors and parish leaders the importance of frequently scheduled gatherings, and what it takes to have more than just a few good lectors in their church. 

The Lectionary Introduction: 
A must-read. If you’ve ever questioned the significance of the lector’s role in the liturgy, this section of the Lectionary for Mass says it all. If you don’t have a lectionary on your bookshelf, bring it up online here.

Does Your Parish Need to Raise the Bar for Its Lectors? 
Featured in Catholic Online by George Miller about how in many churches, the highest demands for excellence and professionalism are put on the presiders, deacons, musicians, sacristans and greeters; but not enough on the lectors. A must-read for Pastors and liturgical ministry leaders. 

Reading the Word Sotto Voce: 
An insightful piece by Deacon Douglas McManaman cautions lectors about being too dramatic and relying too much on performance techniques to make the word of God come to life.

Why Don't Catholics Read the Bible: 
If you ever question the importance of the lector in the celebration of the Mass, Fr. Dwight Longnecker gives an eye-opening explanation of how Catholics use the Sacred Scriptures as a worship aid in the celebration of the Mass, and how this practice differs from the way Evangelicals use the Bible.

The Public Reading of Scripture​:
Aside from the fact that this writer's church reserves Public Scripture reading for men, he makes a strong case for the importance of reading the word of God in worship service, and doing it in the right way. 

The Importance of Reading Scripture in Worship:
A lead pastor of a Presbyterian church expresses his views on how the reading of scripture has unfortunately taken a back seat to the main event, the sermon, when it should be the other way around.

Devoted to the Public Reading of Scripture: 
A powerful and thought provoking essay about putting more emphasis on reading the word of God in worship, and relying less on the word of preachers through their sermons. 

An insightful piece from Rick Becker's God Haunted Lunatic  site on the importance of listening to the readings without trying to read along with the lector or priest at the same time.

Answered by Legionary of Christ Father Edward McNamara, professor of liturgy at the Regina Apostolorum university. From  a ZENIT daily dispatch.

Jeffrey Arthurs of the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary makes a case for incorporating the public reading of scripture in more worship services, along with several ways to put this practice in motion.  Though the Liturgy of the Word is an official part of the Catholic Mass, this article helps us as Catholic lectors appreciate the great importance of our privledged role. 

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