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Hosted by George Miller, 
​​Author of Catholic Lector 
from the Inside-Out, 
The Uncommon Lector
​and God Is My CFO

​​   Proclaiming God's Word for Greater Effect     

'Good Job' Doesn't Mean Good Enough

Why This Site?

Hear George's reasons for building this site,
and the many benefits of using it regularly.

As lectors and public readers of God's word, we never arrive at a point to where we can't get better, no matter how many attaboys our family, friends or even our pastor give us.. 

I hope this site encourages you strive 
to be the best proclaimer of God's word that ​you've been called to be.  Browse around and contact me anytime with your questions, comments or ideas for making this site more helpful to you
and your church's ministry.                  
​                                                                               George Miller/Website Founder

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