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Hosted by George Miller, 
Author of Catholic Lector 
from the Inside-Out ,
Uncommon Lector and 
God Is My CFO

​​  Proclaiming God's Word for Greater Effect

George Miller, Website Host

Since 1990, George has been a lector and ministry  trainer
three  Catholic megachurches, and has been approved by the
Diocese of Orlando FL to conduct lector training throughout
the diocese.

His additional ministry work includes RCIA training, Liturgy Committee, Cursillo, CHRP team, Pastoral Council,
Eucharistic minister, Adult Catechist and lead bible study roles. 

He was recently awarded by his parish for extraordinary dedication to his church community. His workshop,
Lector from the Inside-Out,
  is currently offered in the U.S. 

Professionally, he's written books, seminars, workshops and speeches as a sales/marketing executive, speaker and corporate trainer. With his financial background as a securities broker and consultant, he also writes and speaks on faith-based personal finance and money management topics.

On the light side, he's a swimmer, cycler and past marathon runner, jazz buff, dancer, boat lover and joyfully married since college with three awesome grandsons (son and daughter-in-law are pretty great too).

You bring great dimension to the ministry of lectors. We have strong proclaimers, but the opportunity provided by you and your resources to go deeper into the spiritual aspects of this ministry are a gift to those who proclaim and those who hear... Laura - Illinois

I found the Catholic Lector CD very informative and engaging - full of interesting anecdotes and much needed advice for all of us who strive to proclaim the Word of the Lord to the best of our ability... 
Dan Sakraida - Oregon

I have been enjoying your lector website for quite some time now. I recommend it to all of my fellow lectors. Like you, I take this ministry very seriously. Many times I see myself in your weekly comments, and it's wonderful to know that there is another lector out there who "gets" this ministry...

Ken Milchick - New York

Your love for the Lord and for the Ministry of the Word shine through all your meditations. They are all thought-provoking and inspiring. Your words have helped to bring new life and depth to my own duties as a Minister of the Word...
Lector Coordinator- LA

George's financial expertise and strong writing skills were an asset to our company. He  is able to present complex financial subjects in a lively, entertaining ​and informative manner... ​​Don Philpott, President, Mediawise Communications U.S., Inc.

Thank you George, for your excellent financial presentation at our annual meeting in Palm Beach. Your evaluations were very good. I hope you will let me call upon you again for another presentation at one of my other medical groups."
Shelburn Wilkes, Wilkes Mgmt Associates

​​​​​​Mr. Miller, your presentation on maximizing retirement income was well prepared. We are most thankful for your taking time to join us and share your thoughts... Chevron Retirees Association