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Commentaries, Tools and Websites to Help You Prepare Your Readings

I never miss this site when preparing for my Sunday and Holy Day readings. It is rich in introductory teachings for the presider to use before the readings, historical insights, theological background and many helpful hints for proclaming more effectively, plus numerous articles and resources beyond what's on this site. 

Another very worthy site for lectors with sound insights and reflections on the Sunday and Holy Day readings. Well organized and very handy for quick access to all readings for the three liturgical years.  

St. Louis University Center for Liturgy
This site is one of the most enriching ways to enliven and deepen a person's experience of the Sunday Mass. It includes introductory prayers, reflections, commentary, in-depth study and analysis of the readings, discussion questions and much more. 

A Preachers' Exchange
In both English and Spanish translations from Fr, Jude Siciliano, includes insightful commentary on upcoming Sunday readings, CDs and an array of tools and resources for spiritual growth.

St Charles Borromeo Church
Offers insightful Bible studies and commentaries of all the Sunday and holy day readings. Includes a Liturgical Calendar with links pointing to commentaries for any given Sunday.  

Audio Recordings of the Readings from the Archdiocese of Manila
Also browse other pages on this site for more lector aids and self-help tools.

Daily Reflections from Creighton University
Personal real life reflections on the daily and Sunday readings by the Jesuit university's faculty, staff and administrators. Helpful in seeing how others relate their day-to-day experiences to the readings.  

Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary
Originally compiled by Catholic priest and biblical scholar Rev. George Leo Haydock (1774-1849). The transcriber has done his best to present the original text accurately and understandably for today's audience. If you can overlook some of its archaic language, this commentary will be quite useful.   

Christian Community Bible Commentary
Organized, easy-access commentary on the Catholic Pastoral Edition of the Christian Community Bible.  

Pronunciation Guide
Quick alphabetical access to biblical pronunciations and definitions, plus audio pronunciations. 

Catholic Bible Studies
Links to some of the best known Catholic bible studies for group and individual use, both purchased and free online. 

The Word Proclaimed Institute
A treasury of teachings and commentaries on YouTube videos for all who want to deepen their knowledge and love of the Scriptures. Each week, renowned scripture scholar Fr. Francis Martin offers reflections and commentary on the Sunday readings, the psalm and the Gospel. His knowledge and insights can help preachers, lectors and listeners grasp and embrace the richness of God's word in preparation for each upcoming Sunday Liturgy.

A Powerful Message on Preparation
On October, 2012 at the launch of Pope Benedict's Year of Faith, Bishop Glen John Provost of the Diocese of Lake Charles, LA spoke to a group of permanent diaconate candidates about the rite of institution to the ministry of lector... and though lay ministers of the Word are not confirmed this way, what he said to them applies to all proclaimers. 

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