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Welcome Fellow Lector. . .

This site will help you be
the best messenger of 
God's word you can be. 
Though it's geared to the 
Catholic church, I hope 
readers from many other denominations will find it useful.

If you have questions or ideas for making this site more useful for you and your church, contact me. I'm always ready to hear your input.
        George Miller, Website Founder 

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A Lector's Dream
It's that perfect assembly of worshipers with everyone on the edge of their seat, engaged and waiting in anticipation to hear you proclaim... Those who've looked over the readings in advance and can't wait for you to touch their hearts more deeply with a penetrating delivery from the ambo. Too good to be true? ... Read More

The Joy of Preparation
In his best seller, How to Argue and Win Every Time, trial 
lawyer Gerry Spence, known for never losing a criminal case, 
called preparation "wading into life, languishing in it, rolling 
in it, embracing it, smearing it over oneself, living it." He saw 
himself as a child at play; enthralled, delighted, curious, 
joyous, excited about his business of play... Can we, as 
proclaimers of God's word, wade into our readings, embrace, 
languish, live in and play in them? Read More

The Need for Attentive Listening
                                    If you asked 10 people after Mass what the morning's                                     readings were about, how many could give you a worthy                                     answer? Attentive listening at Mass isn't easy. To switch                                     channels and tune out all the outside noise we bring                                     to Mass and tune into the word of God takes effort. So                                     how do you begin this "retuning" with Catholics who've                                     never learned the wonderful benefits of listening to the                                     readings more attentively? Read More

Pope Benedict XVI... a Lectors' Ally
Beneath all the media blasts on child sex abuse scandals 
that overshadowed much of Pope Benedict's papacy, he 
personified a mark of greatness that garnered little media 
coverage. It was his passion for the Holy Scriptures and his 
efforts to convey the importance of listening more intently 
and prayerfully to the readings and Gospels at Sunday Mass. 
Read More

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