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Welcome Fellow Lector . . .
     This site is your gateway to a treasury of tools to help you be the proclaimer God wants you to be. 
     Though geared to the Catholic church, I hope readers from other faiths will find it useful as well. 
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         George Miller, Website Founder

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War Stories Ignite Lector Meetings
At our church's annual lector meetings just before the start
of a new liturgical year, we always include a segment called 
"Lectors Unleash" where some of our lectors give testimonies 
on how they feel about our ministry. It's always a highlight 
and a great way to spark your meetings. Read More 

                    Jack of All Ministries
                        When we serve in too many ministries, the initial joy we once had                         for them can melt away pretty quick. And who's lovin' it more but                         Satan, because we have less time to zero in on the one thing God                         may be calling us to do.  Question is ... Are other ministries
                        getting in the way of our deeper commitment to the ministry of 
                        lector? Read More

Up Close and Personal
Our skills may reach our listeners' minds, but it takes our 
closeness, warmth and unpretentiousness to reach their hearts. 
Here's what our beloved Pope Francis has to say about these
important qualities... Read More

Strong Words from a Loving Pope
In his engaging book, The Joy of the Gospel, Pope Francis puts great importance on diligent preparation of homilies, much of which also applies to the preparation of the readings. "A preacher who does not prepare is not spiritual," notes the Pope. "He is dishonest and irresponsible with the gifts he has received." Read More

No More Ho-Hum Meetings
At our church's annual lector meeting last month, I wanted to avoid any expectations of just another same ol' agenda, and offer something new and refreshing this year. Word travels fast around a parish about ministry meetings, and careful planning can be one way to create positive buzz about your next meeting... Read More

A Must-Read for All Lectors
In an EWTN interview with Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Dr. Scott Hahn 
said that Pope Benedict's The Word of the Lord: Verbum Domini 
(2010) has been stated by many as the most authoritative 
document on Sacred Scripture in over 40 years since the end of 
Vatican II. Hahn also noted that when the book was released, 
the Bishop leading its press conference stated that Pope Benedict 
XVI will be known in history as "The Pope of the Word of God."  
Read More
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