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First Sunday of Lent: Feb 18, 2018
Genesis 9:8-15... 1 Peter 3:18-22... Mark 1:12-15

Genesis… The consequences of our sins can be the virtual rains in our lives. And though God may allow these rains to be our warning signs, his everlasting love and covenant to protect us from further consequence can be shown by their limits: his symbolic rainbow for us.  

The more we pray, “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil,” the less we'll have to contend with consequential rains caused by our sinfulness. 

I Peter… We’ve all experienced suffering when we’ve been affected by the actions or statements of unrighteous people; things said or done to us that are offensive or harmful. 

However, may we always keep in mind that these little sufferings are merely small ways in which we can experience a bit of the far more severe suffering that Christ endured in order to give us his gift of salvation. 

It would bode well for us to imitate Christ’s responses of love to the unrighteous ones of his time, and do the same for our unrighteous contemporaries. 

If we could each think of one unrighteous person in our lives to pray for this week, or even do a kind deed for, perhaps our example might lead him or her a little closer to God.

Mark… Though we may never be tempted by the devil with the same magnitude as Jesus was in the desert, the bigger the threat we are to the devil as God’s active disciples, the more enticing his temptations will be to lure us into his fold.  

However difficult our struggles are against temptation, let us always recall the sign of God’s rainbow as his covenant of love and protection from the evil one. 

The story of Noah and the flood reminds us that our faith can give us the power and confidence to be “lead away from temptation and delivered from evil” at all times.

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