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for Workshops, Small Groups and "Drive Time" Listening

Welcome Fellow Lector...
This site is your portal to a treasury of learning and inspirational aids to help you be the best proclaimer of God's word you can be. Though it's geared to the Catholic church, I hope readers from other faiths will find it useful and enriching as well. 

If you have questions or suggestions for making this site more beneficial to you, your parish or diocese, contact me anytime to discuss... George Miller

Joy on the Extra Mile
Beyond the popular preparation tools such as LTP's Workbook 
for Lectors and Gospel Readers, Oxford University's Catholic 
Study Bible and others, there are limitless online and offline 
resources to help us proclaim more effectively. Read More

Embrace the Word in 2015
                                        But as for the seed that fell on rich soil, they are the ones                                         who, when they have heard the word, embrace it with a                                         generous and good heart, (Luke 8:15)

                                        Let us all begin our 2015 with a resolve to plunge into and                                         live the word of God more strongly. Not just as proclaimers                                         of the word, but "people of the word"... doers of the word                                         who understand that the essence of God's word is to equip us                                         to do all the good things he wants us to do... 
                                                                         ...to perform his wordRead More

War Stories Ignite Lector Meetings
At our church's annual lector meetings just before the start
of a new liturgical year, we always include a segment called 
"Lectors Unleash" where some of our lectors give testimonies 
on how they feel about our ministry. It's always a highlight 
and a great way to spark your meetings. Read More 

Strong Words from a Loving Pope
                    In his engaging book, The Joy of the Gospel, Pope Francis puts great
                    importance on diligent preparation of homilies, which also applies to 
                    the preparation of the readings. "A preacher who does not prepare is 
                    not spiritual," notes the Pope. "He is dishonest and irresponsible with 
                    the gifts he has received." Read More

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