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Welcome Fellow Lector . . .
     This site is your portal to a treasury of tools to help you be the best proclaimer of God's word that you've been called to be. 
     Though mainly for the Catholic church, I hope readers from other faiths will find it enriching as well. 
         George Miller, Website Founder

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War Stories Ignite Lector Meetings
At our church's annual lector meetings just before the start
of a new liturgical year, we always include a segment called 
"Lectors Unleash" where some of our lectors give testimonies 
on how they feel about our ministry. It's always a highlight 
and a great way to spark your meetings. Read More 

                    Jack of All Ministries
                        When we serve in too many ministries, the initial joy we once had                         for them can melt away pretty quick. And who's lovin' it more but                         Satan, because we have less time to zero in on the one thing God                         may be calling us to do.  Question is ... Are other ministries
                        getting in the way of our deeper commitment to the ministry of 
                        lector? Read More

Up Close and Personal
Our skills may reach our listeners' minds, but it takes our 
closeness, warmth and unpretentiousness to reach their hearts. 
Here's what our beloved Pope Francis has to say about these
important qualities... Read More

Good Enough is Not Enough
Besides the privilege we're given to proclaim God's word on Sunday, we are also called beyond the ambo to cultivate The New Evangelization initiated by the Synod of Bishops in 2012. Like all our fellow parishioners, we are called to bring the love of Jesus to others in the walkways after Mass, at our church functions, at home, at work and out in the marketplace... Read More

Strong Words from a Loving Pope
In his engaging book, The Joy of the Gospel, Pope Francis puts great importance on diligent preparation of homilies, much of which also applies to the preparation of the readings. "A preacher who does not prepare is not spiritual," notes the Pope. "He is dishonest and irresponsible with the gifts he has received." Read More

The Joy of Preparation
In his best seller, How to Argue and Win Every Time, 
trial lawyer Gerry Spence, known for never losing a 
criminal case, called preparation "wading into life, 
languishing in it, rolling in it, embracing it, smearing 
it over oneself, living it as a child at play." Can we, 
as proclaimers of God's word, wade into our readings, 
embrace, languish and play in them?... Read More

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