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"Good Job" Ain't Good Enough

by George Miller on 10/07/15

In the movie, Whiplash, a music instructor bent on helping students realize their potential, quoted renowned Jazz drummer Buddy Rich as saying that "Good Job" is the worst compliment you can give to someone with the potential for higher excellence.


A bit far fetched, perhaps; but for the lector striving for that higher excellence, it is not.  

We never arrive at such a level of excellence that we can't do better, no matter how many pats on the back our listeners, friends or even our pastor give us.

When someone says to us after our reading, "Great Job!" or "Wow, you really nailed it up there," be cautious, because these accolades can put us into dangerous complacency if we bask in them too much.

A friend once said to my wife, "I get excited when I hear George read." Nice ego boost, but then I found myself trying to live up to that friend's compliment, and reading to her instead of the whole assembly.  

We do a disservice to our listeners when we give anything less than a completely selfless and listener-centered spirit and attitude.

The grass withers, the flower wilts, but the word of our God stands forever... Isaiah 40:8

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