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Before You Say a Word...

by George Miller on 12/02/15

... you are the message. 


As Fr. Michael White and Tom Corcoran note in their newest book, Rebuilding Your Message, "St. Paul knew that his words were not where his message started. It started with a 'demonstration of the Spirit;' a wordless revealing of some way in which God was working in his life." And it can work the same way for us. 


What is it that we're telling our listeners about ourselves before we even say a word? Is it our goodness, our kindness, our gentleness, our joy? What is it about the Spirit's working in us that's shining through? This may not be the primary message we're about to proclaim, but it is our initial message."


The late Fr. Joseph M. Champlin in his book, Messengers of God's Word, notes, "The appropriate inner qualities of the reader become apparent to the listener without a single word being proclaimed. The community in worship simply senses that he or she believes, loves Sacred Scripture, prays, prepares conscientiously, and has a humble yet confident awareness of the lector's dignity."


It's the one thing we can't fake.

The grass withers, the flower wilts, but the word of our God stands forever... Isaiah 40:8 Copyright 2017 Miller Resources LLC., Orlando/DeBary FL.  All Rights Reserved

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