Your Biggest Competition

The opportunity we have right now to touch the hearts and 
transform the lives of our fellow parishioners could not be 
more timely.

Matthew Kelly in his inspiring book, Rediscover Catholicism
puts it straight up saying, "In our modern secular culture, 
there's a dangerous complacency toward the life-giving words
 of the Gospel. Too often we listen to these words but do not 
allow them to penetrate our hearts and transform our lives."

Too often our listeners are cluttered with all the secular world views infiltrating their lives. Even as they enter the church, say their before-Mass prayers, sing the Gloria and ready themselves to hear us proclaim, there's that barrier of world influence that can prevent the word of God from penetrating their hearts.

So here lies our challenge. To break through that barrier and penetrate their hearts with the very best version of God's voice we can offer them.

How so? By getting better and better at what we do. By never being complacent in our efforts to improve ourselves because the more complacent we are, the more complacent our listeners will be toward us.

Imagine if your fellow parishioners started saying to themselves each time you approached the ambo, "Great! I just love to hear (your name) proclaim God's word." As you start to read, silently in their minds they respond with, "That's so right, (your name)," or "Isn't that the truth." as if they were actually conversing with you.

This is the level of excellence we need to counter the complacency Kelly is talking about, and it requires a deep commitment to our ministry to achieve it.

It's time to do battle with our secular culture. This is the enemy; and our biggest competition for the ears of our listeners. We may not be able to change the world, but we can change how our fellow parishioners are affected by it by being the best proclaimers of God's word we can be.

Hosted by George Miller, Author of "The Uncommon Lector", "Catholic Lector" & "God Is My CFO"