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Getting More from the Readings at Mass

Brief Commentary on This Coming Sunday's Readings

We Hear God's Word, But Are We Really Listening?
From Liturgical Encounters: Mindfulness at Mass. With so many things vying for our attention at Mass, this compelling piece offers many helpful suggestions on how to stay focused and listen to God’s voice in the midst of all the distractions?

Mary: Model of Attentiveness, Prayer and Offering
Explains how Mary, in her docility and humility, listens to the word of God, and in the same way, that we are called to imitate her. In submitting her mind and will totally to God at the Annunciation, the Visitation and from the Crib to the Cross, Mary offers us a perfect example in listening to the word of God in liturgy. 

How to Listen to Lectors 
From the National Catholic Register, here's a brief guide on how to listen to the Sunday readings by approaching each of the three readings with questions about each. It uses the readings for a particular Sunday as a guide.

Listening to the Voice of God
An enlightening piece by Matthew Kelly on listening to what God is saying to you through the music, the readings, the homily and prayers of the Mass. He suggests listening for the one thing that strikes you and once it is revealed, spending the rest of the Mass praying about how you can live that one thing in the next week.

Are Catholics Passionate About God’s Word?
A Catholics United for the Faith article by Rev. Terrence Prendergast S.J. expressing hope that Pope Benedict's 2008 Synod on the Word of God will be a stimulus to all Catholics to deepen their appreciation for the reverent reading of God’s self-communication in the Bible. 

“Waking Up the Echoes”: Sacred Scripture, Heart of Christ
A beautiful and insightful piece by a Notre Dame student on the amazing rewards of listening more actively to the readings at Mass. 

Hearing the Word of God from the U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops
Covers multiple reasons for listening more attentively to the readings at Mass.

Embracing God's Word
A real wake-up call from about the benefits of studying and living God's word, and what we miss out on by not doing it. 

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