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Second Sunday of Lent
Genesis 22:1-18… Romans 8:31-34… Mark 9:2-10

Genesis… Who are the Isaacs in our lives? What treasures and pleasures do we cling to that separate us from Christ? Have we ever been challenged to let go of our loved ones, our wealth, our passions or our careers in order to follow another call for God’s purpose?

Is there a lamb in our life right now that we treasure and should now bind as Abraham did with Isaac? What part of us must die for us to come closer to Christ? 

May we regularly pray that our call to follow God supercedes our natural desires. And may we forever strive to imitate our father of faith in Abraham, and for the strength to pass the tests that God may throw our way one day as Abraham successfully did. 

Romans… Nothing can separate us from Christ’s love for us. He intercedes for us when we’re condemned. He is our friend in court and in difficult, embarrassing and challenging situations. 

If God gave his son to us as enemies, how much more will he give us when we’re willing to become his friends? What an opportunity to be delivered from all our fears of those against us when we have the dominating power of God’s love on our side. 

Our fear of those against us is put there by the devil. This is his goal; for us to be subjected to him and his disciples. And it's our war to fight and win. 

If God has already prepared a future kingdom for us, will he not see to it that we conquer our enemies on the way? As Christ now sits at the right hand of God as our judge and friend in court, who can be a better intercessor for us?

Think of the greatest gift you’ve ever given to someone you love. Then think of the even lesser gifts you’d be ever so willing to give that person at the drop of a hat. If God gave us the gift of his only son, will he not also be there to fill our much lesser needs?

Mark… Christ proved by his transfigured form that his suffering and self-sacrifice was voluntary. And if it was such a joy for Peter, James and John to see Christ in his transfigured state, how much more joyful will it be for us one day to see him in his heavenly state?

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